Our Products

Precured Treads

Pre-cured tread rubber(PTR) is a vulcanized rubber belt molded in a particular design pattern with a specified width, thickness & weight, suitable to perform on a given road application such as long-haul, short-haul, hilly terrains, and mines.

Bonding Gum

Our Gum is made from 100% natural rubber to increase tack. Available in customer specified sizes also. Different types of Gum are available for both precured and hot processes. Can be used to fill nail holes and repair injured parts of casing.

Vulcanizing Solution

Our proposed Vulcanising Solution is highly suitable for both cold and hot tyre retreading process. It is generally made by converting the natural rubber into vulcanized materials with the aid of chemical process. The resultant product is less sticky and possess with good mechanical property. The solution is required to be involve in the giving high strength adhesion at the time of bonding occur in between rubber and rubber, rubber to fabric, rubber to steel and rubber to urethane. Vulcanising Solution is accessible to our clients at market leading rates..

Curing bags

Butyl Rubber Curing Bags are used for tyre retreading. We are offering a wide range of Curing Bags that resist high heat pressure, have long life and are flexible to use. We make them available at affordable prices without compromising on the quality parameters.

Vulcanizing Items

Tyre Vulcanizing machine is used to repair and vulcanize tubes that have been partially damaged. Automobile accidents, crashes, and sharp objects can all be repaired with vulcanized tyres. This repair is carried out using a method that combines both pressure and temperature to completely melt the rubber. As a result, each time a tyre develops a hole, an appropriate patch can be applied using this approach.

Tyre and Tube Repair Items

Tyre Tube Rubber Puncture Patches, Radial Tyre Repair Patches, Tire Repair String, Tubeless Tyre Puncture Repair Kit.

Retreading gives a new life to used tyres, by applying a new tread on to the casing. New tyres are made from a rubber compound made of natural rubber, Synthetic rubber, carbon black, nylon cord and processing chemicals, which leads to a tread attached to a casing. If we throw out the tyre casing, once the tread is worn out, we are wasting a substantial investment, by not retreading the worn out tread in the casing. Tyre Retreading provides low cost of operation t transporters, with low cost per kilometer of operating the vehicle. Retreaded tyres can cost 40% less than brand new tyres.